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About Us

Brad King-Bass

Brad was born and raised in a small town in Illinois, about 60 miles west of Chicago, that is surrounded on all four sides by corn fields. Music has been a major part of his life from as far back as he can remember. Some of his earliest memories are watching his dad play in a band. His first instrument was a couple straws and a few cups he’d drum on while he watched his dad perform.  That got him hooked on live rock and roll music.  He played saxophone in the school band, was in marching band, and in chorus throughout high school, which is where he discovered the guitar and formed his first band. He still remembers that guitar.  It was an old beat up Sears guitar that didn't hold a tune very well, but he owned it and it played that good rock and roll.  As soon as he learned a few chords, he started forming a band…(gotta find a way out of those corn fields somehow, some way, right??).  He played it for a few years and quickly discovered that everyone else played guitar, too.  He even came home from school one day and his dog was in his bedroom wailing out Eruption by Eddie Van Halen on that six-string, so he decided to hang it up and picked up the bass.  Since he loved that low rumbling bass sound, he finally had found his calling.  Playing the bass came much more naturally to him than guitar and he quickly developed his own unique style.  Geddy Lee, eat your heart out!  The King is in the building! 

About Us

Jan Lowry-Lead Vocals


 Jan is the lead singer for Hard Wired. She was raised in South Carolina and started practicing her singing career in front of a mirror with a hairbrush at the ripe young age of 8. She has been performing as a professional singer since 1984 and played the PA circuit for several years. Her passion is 80s rock and roll. Jan has her master’s degree in education and studied psychology. She is an independent Adjuster, as well. This means she is an educated basket case who believes she can identify the necessary repairs to a home by simply talking to it about its damaged parts. 

About Us

Mark Valentino-Lead Guitar

 Mark became addicted to music at the age of 8 after hearing the Beatles and Kiss.  At the age of 10, he even dragged his father, kicking and screaming, to a Kiss concert.  His ears rang for days afterward, but he immediately decided to start playing guitar. After playing with numbers of high school and college bands, he found out the U.S. Army was hiring musicians.  He joined up and spent the next 26 years performing all over the world, playing his portable rig on the hoods of Humvees, while falling through the sky under parachutes, walking through desert sands…night and day, all styles of music, gigging late at night, while managing to get up for 6:30AM PT the next day.  We found Mark stalking us one evening at our practice den. He was incognito, dressed as a pro-golfer, hat pulled down over his brow. We thought he was there to shut us down, but he said he heard the awesome music and had to find the source.  We were in serious need of a second guitarist and he arrived just in the nick of time. We asked if he plays lead guitar and, much to our surprise, he said yes and asked to see our set list. Well, that was the clincher. Now retired, Mark is a permanent member of the Hard Wired crew, playing the music he grew up on, the music that inspired him to play the guitar.   

About Us

Brian Styles-Drums

Brian has been playing drums most of his life.  He has played a wide range of music from rock to beach music.  With Brian at the kit, you never miss a beat on the dance floor!!!

Hard Wired Demo-Video

We are a true rock and roll band

About Us

A great dance/party/entertainment band

We play classic rock the way it was played when it was.   We are not your great grandparents' rock music band!!!   Get ready for Hard Wired to ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!

Hard Wired is up to 9 excellent reviews - 5 out of 5 stars for performance, music choice, and quality musicians. That tells us we really know how to rock and roll. So, when you want a great BILLBOARD TOP 40 classic rock band to get your crowd on the dance floor, drink, and have a blast, call us. 843-624-2500 or message us on Facebook at Hard Wired The Band SC.