Hard Wired The Band SC

One reason why we're the coolest - we dare to be different!


Hard Wired Demo - (we do not own the rights to these songs)

Hard Wired - Live video

Funky Music - cover

About Us

The Band


 Hard Wired is more than just a band – they represent an era of music that has a larger fan base than any other genre of music ever written and recorded.  They bring an energy-driven classic rock show to the stage that draws you out of your seat and keeps you on the dance floor. 

What Inspires Us


YOU!  We eat, sleep, and breathe true rock and roll and live to bring it to you in its purest form.

Our Influences


Our music is inspired by the best of the best, by famous artists such as Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, BTO, Def Leppard, and many more that everyone knows and loves.  We strive to make our audience dance up out of their seats with an "Oh WOW!  I LOVE this song!!!"

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